US Antique Shows Forced to Cancel 2015 Armory Antique Show

NEW YORK CITY -- US Antique Shows announced on August 27 that it has postponed the 2015 Armory Antique Show as the New York National Guard has scheduled a drill at the 69th Regiment Armory over the weekend previously held for the show and a suitable, alternative venue has not been found.

“Upon learning of the schedule conflict, our team considered every feasible venue in Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as consulted with dealers who supported the show in the past,” explained Dan Darby, general manager of US Antique Shows. “Unfortunately, we were unable to find a solution to meet the market’s needs during New York Americana/Antique Week.” The show was scheduled to run January 23-25.

US Antique Shows plans to continue the Armory Antique Show at the 69th Regiment Armory in 2016. Antique enthusiasts and dealers in the tri-state area are invited to attend US Antique Shows’ other 2015 events: Spring Pier Antique Show, March 28-29; New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show, July 24-27; and the Fall Pier Antique Show, November 21-22. For information, or 239-330-3832.


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