Powder Horn Takes $8,740 At E.S. Eldridge Auction

WILLIMANTIC, CONN. — A classic Fort Ticonderoga powder horn from American colonist and soldier Timothy Woodin from a family collection was the top lot at E.S. Eldridge’s December 8 auction, leaving the warehouse gallery but remaining in Connecticut at $8,740.

Auction house owner Ernie Eldridge acknowledged that he had been hoping for a bit more for the historically rich item. Still, he was pleased with both the sale and the auction overall. “Back a few years ago, a powder horn like this would have brought $10/15,000. But I got the feeling before the sale that it would bring just about what it did,” said the auctioneer. There were four bidders on the phone and two on the floor contending for the powder horn, but it ultimately went to one of two left bids and, according to Eldridge, is remaining in Connecticut.

The historic powder horn belonged to America colonist Timothy Woodin. Woodin was an enlisted soldier during the French and Indian War from April to November 1759. He served in Captain Amos Hitchcock’s company of Colonel Nathan Whiting’s Second Connecticut Provincial Regiment. He fought in the victorious Second Battle of Fort Carillon in July 1759. After the battle, Woodin helped repair and rebuild the fort, which was renamed Ticonderoga. Although the battle itself was only a minor confrontation, the acquisition of the fort marked the turning of the tide in the French and Indian War, which changed the future of the entire continent.

Woodin returned home with his powder horn and each generation handed it down. During the late 1800s, the powder horn came into the Caldwell family, descendents of which consigned the item, as well as many others, to this auction.

The selection of Woodin/Caldwell family items also included many photos, tintypes and daguerreotypes. Photos and wings of F.W. Caldwell related to his term as a World War I pilot realized $978. A tea set from the Caldwell family finished at $2,070, while a flatware set commanded $2,990.

Attendance at the sale, which offered no Internet bidding, was “wonderful,” according to Eldridge, with about 110 people in the gallery.

Prices reported include the buyer’s premium. For information, 860-450-0525 or www.auctionzip.com (#2823).

A flatware set from the Caldwell family commanded $2,990.

Among a selection of Woodin/Caldwell family photos, tintypes and daguerreotypes were the photos and wings of F.W. Caldwell related to his term as a World War I pilot, which realized $978.

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