Welcome To Our New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. On behalf of all of us here at Antiques and The Arts Weekly, welcome! Since 1963, we have delivered essential information and breaking news to collectors, dealers and auctioneers. Like a first car, our old website served us well for the past decade and a half, but as technology moves us forward with this redesign we are now able to take advantage of the latest tools to more effectively serve our subscribers and collecting community. Our new website will continue to evolve and improve as we refine it.
Here are some things to check out:
Our new site, hosted by Celsius, a provider of open platform, multichannel publishing solutions for the print media industry, has been given a modern layout and design, that will be optimized to be viewed on multiple devices over the Internet in the next few weeks. You will soon be able keep up with what’s happening in the antiques world on your iPad at home, smartphone on the go or on your trusty desktop or laptop at work. In fact, if you are an E-Edition subscriber, this adaptation to mobile is already available.
We’ve reorganized our website to help you better find what you’re looking for - whether that’s breaking news, our cover feature story or our popular calendar for upcoming shows and auctions. We think you’ll find it a lot easier to navigate around our site, but we’re always interested in suggestions on how we can make it even better.
We made sure to integrate social media into every part of the site, so wherever you are you can share what you see with your friends and colleagues. We are also focusing more on multimedia, so images, videos and other multimedia content are emphasized to maximize our coverage. To comment on stories or build a personal archive of your favorite stories, simply register on the site by clicking on My A&A and follow the instructions there.   
We encourage you to explore the new site, and although much has changed, all of the most popular resources that we have created over the years are still part of the site. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the site design and helped us to create the more connected, organized and social Antiques and The Arts Weekly website you see today.



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Well first I didn't like the new website and also did I have bad memories with celsius, but now I am used to it :-))
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It's Just Awful

Not intuitive, Cluttered. Here's a concrete example...it is impossible to set up the personal picker, and the highlighted instructions could not be more confusing. As a person who is very familar with web design, this is a colossal failure

Past issues

how can one search for past issues?

New Design Needs RE-DESIGNING!

The new front page looks fine, but once you get beyond that the design is a mess, particularly with type sizes (e.g. headers smaller than body of text in certain areas) and the leading/spacing in MANY areas totally out of whack. Very difficult to read.

The Calendar is the worst. Please go back to the old way or fix the new. There was an antiques show this past weekend that was not listed (or not listed so we could see it) and we missed it. I can't imagine the show promoters were happy with that. And we don't need to click individually on Estate Sales or Auctions or Antique Shows to see what's happening -- just list them all under the date the way you used to.

Change is fine, but not when it's done so seemingly haphazardly.

Terrible . No home page or

Terrible . No home page or easy access to calendar . Can not log on to e paper.
What was wrong with previous site?


What a mess! No warning. Completely confusing. Amateur hour! Pathetic!

rude switchover

What a rude way to switch your content delivery system. I foolishly set aside time to read the Bee tonight and it is unavailable to me a subscriber after an hour struggling with passwords not recognized and an oh-so-generous one time permit to read, which cut out. Why did not you inform and prepare us, your subscribers of the pending switchover. I should just let the online subscription die as I did the postal mail version, so many others I know have.

Frustration on saving search terms

I checked on the new site, as to where I can save my old search terms. I went to Personal Picker and the following came up:

"If you are a registered subscriber and have access to Personal Picker functionality, you will see, on the right, once a search is run, a place to save search terms. For each saved search term, Picker@antiquesandthearts.com will conduct a full keyword search, based on your keywords and email you upcoming events that match your criteria. The results with red-tint background are examples of what content will be mailed. "

There was no place on the right to save search terms. On the old website, I was able to have these terms permanently listed and each week, I would get an email on what auctions had any of my search terms listed. It worked, but in looking at your new website, and I searched here and there, I could not find an easy way to put in my search words and have them saved.

It also took a whole day to straighten out my name and password, but that seems to have worked out.

Please send me info on how to get my search words into your new system.

Thank you,
Robert A. Olson

Thanks, Sheffys, for your

Thanks, Sheffys, for your comment.

The ads you see in the expanded page for each event are in jpeg format, which does not allow for live links. There is a live link, however, in the event description.

We are going to be continuing improving our online calendar with our new development company in the next few weeks to enhance its features.

Appreciate the feedback!

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A big mistake on the new website is that when looking through the calendar for upcoming auctions, when you click on the website address for a particular auction house it does not open a new window as before,this needs to be rectified. Also the upcoming auction layout needs to be more separated, it's a little squashed together, and each days auctions need to be on one page.

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