Antique Jewelry & Watches Dazzle At New York’s Metropolitan Pavilion

NEW YORK CITY — The New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show July 26–29 at the Metropolitan Pavilion was a glittering feast for the eyes: sparkling diamonds, polished gold, turquoise and coral necklaces and bold wristwatches, buoyed by a strong gate and good buying at many of the 100-plus booths here.

“It was clear from the increased attendance numbers on opening day that both consumers and retailers continue to find great value in this show,” said Dan Darby, group show director for US Antique Shows and vice president of GLM. “A sure indicator that buying on the show floor was strong is that 85 percent of our dealers renewed their booths for our 2014 show.”

DK Bressler & Co., Inc, New York City, was most impressed with the strong retail market it saw at the show, as well as having some solid wholesale sales. “It seems there is a strong demand for high quality products among people in the business. The show was organized well, with impressive foot traffic throughout the weekend,” the dealers said.

Judging the show a success, the dealers noted good response from visitors to their varied offerings of estate and antique fine jewelry with high interest in Victorian, 1960s and signed pieces.

“We had a lot of traffic at the booth, especially on Friday and Saturday. The pieces we sold the most of were signed antique and period items by Cartier, VCA and Sterlé, along with French antique and period diamond pieces. We also sold several loose diamonds, including a few large old-cuts,” David Abramov of Morelle Davidson, London.

A veteran dealer of this show, Jacob’s Diamond & Estate Jewelry again made the trip to the show from Los Angeles and did well, noting good attendance and sales. Great Art Deco and Edwardian jewelry pieces were still popular, and ruby jewelry sold well for the dealers, as well as old engagement rings.

Also hailing from California was Excalibur, Beverly Hills, which reported having a strong showing here too. “It went very well, we were very pleased,” the dealers said. Excalibur specializes in engagement rings, so the dealers were pleased to make across-the-board sales of jewelry (not just rings), mainly pieces from the 1940s and 1950s to Victorian works.

Gus Davis of Camilla Dietz Bergeron, Ltd, New York City, was again pleased to be at the show. “Even with the challenging economic conditions we are experiencing today, it was great seeing buyers at the show with a distinct interest in antique and estate jewelry and attendance remaining strong.”

Davis said retailer store representatives were drawn toward dealers’ estate jewelry due to the continued high prices of gold. “Because of the cost of new manufactured goods, estate jewelry has become an attractive commodity for these retailers,” he said. His sales leaned toward chunky gold and gold and diamond jewelry in classic styles as well as lots of earrings.

J.S. Fearnley, Atlanta, Ga., also reported having a good show overall. “We sold a Van Cleef & Arpels necklace and bracelet combination that could be worn together or separately and we sold a very unusual vintage Buccellati bangle bracelet, along with a Buccellati gold weave necklace,” dealer Steven Fearnely said. “We sold several diamonds over three carats and some smaller fashion-based pieces. We also sold several very fine Art Deco and Victorian pieces to a few different Asian dealers that made the trip from Beijing, Tokyo and Singapore. Among those sales was a JE Caldwell platinum diamond bracelet with its box.”

“We found that the show had a good pace, and was fairly busy from the opening day right through to closing...There were always customers milling about and we were kept quite busy throughout. Our sales were practically double from what we had last year, so we were happy about that,” said Harvey Kessler of Harvey Kessler Jewellery Inc., Toronto, Canada. “Good margins were harder to accomplish though...pieces have to be priced right to move. Many of our old customers showed up…We made new clients from Asia as well as New York. Most of the pieces we were selling were signed pieces by Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, David Webb and Lalaounis. In all, we were very happy with the results.”

This year’s show trends seemed to be statement and colorful jewelry, as opposed to traditional gold and diamond jewelry that have been popular in past shows. Layering jewelry, using pendants and metal chains, is also in-style.

The next show scheduled for US Antique Shows is the Miami Beach Jewelry & Watch Show, October 25–27, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

For additional information, or 239-732-6642.


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