Elephant’s Trunk To Close ‘Best’ Season December 8

NEW MILFORD, CONN. — The Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market attracts buyers and dealers from all over, drawn to the charming outdoor market proffering antiques and collectibles, and it is typical to see cars here with license plates hailing from New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts and occasionally, even farther.

The 2013 season, which began amid flurries March 17, will close this Sunday, December 8, and the final edition promises to be a busy one with a larger-than-usual crowd expected as buyers stock up for their last chance at the Trunk until next March.

Last year was the Trunk’s best year in terms of vendor participation, but Trunk manager Greg Baecker happily noted on Sunday, December 1, that this year bested the old record. “Last year was the best for the number of vendors who came,” he said. “We had a better year  — this is now our best year.”

Another upward trend he was happy to see was in the quality of merchandise on the field, with more dealers featuring antiques and collectibles. “You really want this to be a facility for antiques and collectibles” with only a smattering of “new stuff” being seen on the fields.

At the recent market, some of the items seen included antique oak chairs and midcentury furniture, vintage clothing and accessories, boxes of vintage records, including a box of 13 Beatles records for $110; china and glass, artwork and more.

With Christmas less than a month away, holiday collectibles were sprinkled around the show, with a life-size Santa figure and snowman in the booth of Vintage New Pickers, Newtown, Conn., to a Santa bicycle toy offered at The Perfect Thing, New York City, whose best item at the show had to be the German candy container with a composition body wearing a spun cotton outfit atop a Victorian soft-metal treat basket.

The market will likely open the third or fourth Sunday in March, Baecker said, with the caveat “ground permitting.”

For additional information, www.etflea.com and in March, check the Trunk’s Facebook page for a preview of what dealers will be coming and what they will be bringing.

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