Opening Day At The Elephant’s Trunk

NEW MILFORD, CONN. — After postponing the opening of The Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market following heavy rains last week, the famous flea market opened to a large crowd of enthusiastic shoppers and sellers on Sunday, April 6. Dealers, more than 300 strong, were packed onto the field well before the sun cracked into the Eastern skies and large numbers of early/early buyers were on hand to shop the show — flashlights in hand and moving rapidly in the brisk predawn air.

The rising sun was a welcome sight as temperatures began to climb out of the high 30s and flashlights were shelved, allowing shopper’s unencumbered hands to return to the warmth of a pocket. Early buying at The Trunk is $20 and the parking lot was filling fast as the dealers took to the field. Show manager Greg Baecher was quick to get the dealers onto the field and dealers were quick to get their merchandise set up.

Cabin fever was apparent all around the field and virtually everyone was pleased to be done with Old Man Winter and back out on the field buying and selling. Merchandise was moving quickly during the first hour-and-a-half of the show and as early buying came to a close at 7 am, a huge crowd of regular shoppers crowded the fields.

Lines formed at both the front and rear of the entrances of the market, each a couple hundred people strong, and brisk shopping resumed as they rushed the field.

As the temperatures warmed over the course of the blue-bird day, more and more shoppers converged on the market, resulting in yet another excellent opening day at The Elephant’s Trunk Country Flea Market, 490 Danbury Road (Route 7.)

For more information, or 508-265-9911.


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