Jay Turomsha, Antiques Dealer

KEENE, N.H. — New Hampshire antiques dealer Jay Turomsha died May 3 at the Cheshire Medical Center in Keene. Jay’s devoted partner Nancy Cummings was by his side. Jay had been troubled with some serious health issues for the last few years, issues that would have made many of us slow down, but not Jay. He continued to live life on his terms, by remaining active in the antiques business.

As recently as April 21, Jay had exhibited at Nan Gurley’s Concord New Hampshire Antiques Show, buying a few things, selling a few things and enjoying the day shooting the breeze with friends new and old. To say Jay remained active in the business is an understatement, for there had been hardly an auction held in New Hampshire or the surrounding area where he hasn’t been in attendance. It was a safe bet if you went to one of these auctions, Jay would be seated in the back of the hall holding court with his fellow dealers and friends.

Aside from the antiques business, Jay also enjoyed a good card game and fishing for trout. Jay would stop at any stream or brook and test his skill trying to catch one of those elusive fish, then continue on to the local auction hall. Once there, when you asked him how was the fishing, he would just smile and say not bad, knowing full well it was the thrill of the chase that charged his batteries…kind of like the antiques business.

Last Friday the antiques business lost one of its true characters. Jay was a man who had strong opinions about life and a love of the antiques business, but most of all he was a friend, who will be missed by many.



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