Trailer Returning From Brimfield Stolen: Load Of Antiques Missing


A black, 20-foot cargo trailer that was filled with antiques that had been displayed by Capitol Salvage at the Brimfield Markets was reported stolen, along with the contents, on May 23. Capitol Salvage proprietor Michael Cardin reported that the trailer was last seen at the 66 Industrial Park location at 4 pm on May 23 and was noticed missing when he arrived to unload it shortly after noon the following day.

Cardin reported to Connecticut State Police that the trailer was filled with stock that he had displayed at the market, including numerous items that had been sold and were scheduled to be delivered. Also included in the load were numerous items that the dealer had purchased for resale in Brimfield.

A complete list of the missing items has yet to be established with police, but the list includes an 1883 creamery cabinet in blue paint, a wooden English clothing store mannequin, a grain painted Ohio factory counter with porcelain feet, 76 linear feet of 50-inch-tall pine paneling (wainscot), a set of four gothic porch piers, two highly decorated folk art carnival wheels, and a quartersawn oak railroad cabinet.

Also, a 1940s industrial aviation machinist cabinet, a Nineteenth Century blue sled measuring 12 feet, two fancy Victorian fretwork gables, a 10-foot-long, multidrawer apothecary cabinet, a 9-foot-long custom mahogany counter, a 14-foot-long zinc topped potting table with three heavy iron legs, more than 20 Victorian corbels in white paint with finials, a marble plant stand, a 13-foot-long oak and chestnut bar top, a number of school room chalkboards measuring 4 feet wide and several iron porch railings.

The trailer was marked with the Capitol Salvage logo on both sides and also on the rear fold-down door.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Connecticut State Police. Trooper Merrill is investigating and may be reached at 860-896-3200.

Editor's Note: The article has been updated to reflect that the trailer and antiques were recovered by police.



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